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  1. Thankfully I am still experiencing the “Beginner’s High”, so Japanese , although not new, is still a mysterious obstacle. Whenever I feel anything remotely similar to this, I look back and repeat to myself “It hasn’t even been an year, what do you expect?”. This instantly fills me with hope and comfort (“if I am like this at a beginner stage, imagine how much ass I’d kick when I complete 2 years!!”) rather than saying (“I’ve been studying for many hours/day consistently with little to now results”).

    • I do something similar, equating the length of my study with my language “age” (For example, lately, I’ve been comforting myself by saying, “You’re not even 2 1/2 years old yet! Give yourself time to grow and make mistakes.”). Remembering my “age” helps me better remember that I’m still “young” and need to be loving, patient, and encouraging about my little baby steps along the way. I tend to forget the grand scheme of how little time I’ve actually spent on this road, let alone the study time I’ve lost to illness/life circumstances. Even mature adults are allowed to be utterly human, and I’m just a toddler, babbling and waddling around as best I can while my Japanese brain curiously investigates and fails and succeeds and makes new connections along the way. We will all be “young” for many years to come, so there’s no end to the need for loving patience and respect of our learning “age.”

      Thanks for the wonderfully encouraging video, Adam.

      • I do the same thing, actually! In particular, I had the problem of comparing my Japanese to my English, but then I thought that since I’ve been learning Japanese for 3 years (give or take) and English for almost 15 years, I’m pretty much doing the equivalent of getting mad at a 3-year-old for not being able to do all the stuff her teenaged brother can do. And that’s pretty damn stupid, isn’t it?

  2. Whenever I have doubts, I just think about where I was 1 month ago… 2 months ago… 6 months ago. It’s so easy to focus on what I can’t do… yet. I try to focus on the progress that I have made and how far I have gotten already.

    Finally, I think about how much I would have learned, if I had not found this site. I would probably still be somewhere towards the end of Genki I :)

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