4 Pieces Of Food Culture Misinformation About The United States — 10 Comments

    • Oh I definitely agree. I’m sure Americans have made even worse generalizations.

      Thanks for the article! Very funny.

    • This article is hysterical! I wonder which part of America the author is talking about. Most Americans don’t speed in their cars? They all have good driving manners? They’ve never been to Long Island, then, where going 20 miles over the speed limit is pretty slow.

  1. This reminds me of an ad I keep seeing that says, “What time is it now?” Foreigners do not say this.

    It annoys me so much! D:< Blagrhgw I just wanna say "No, that's wrong!" xD

    • Maybe everyone should start saying it?

      But I definitely know that feeling of wanting to just say “no that’s wrong.”

  2. “Don’t shout out “excuse me” at a restaurant to get a waiters attention”

    This is true for the UK.

    • Well I wouldn’t say a “shout” here in the US, but a hand waving with a light excuse me is perfectly acceptable.

      How’s it done in the UK when you can’t get your waiter’s attention?

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