Free & Fun Japanese Computer Games – Part 3 — 6 Comments

  1. I have ニノ国 for the ps3 and I love it. Its a lot of fun and pretty easy to understand. I would recommend it for people who are new to playing Japanese video games. It was my first Japanese game/ native Japanese material. I also bought the guide book and which was helpful for the side quests

    • Oh oh! Same here, ニノ国 was my first Japanese game too :D

      Yessss, with the furigana readings above the kanji it’s so good for beginners!

  2. I think you may have just made a sale for steam. Be sure they don’t cheat you out of your commission~ cos’ capitalism, ho

  3. You mentioned the 3DS region lock on 二の国 so thought I should clear up just how it works.

    The original DS (plus the DS Lite) and all its games are 100% region free. You can play any DS game on the console and the games will play on any DS including 3DS consoles.

    The DSi (standard DS but with a camera and a download store) is partially region locked. It will play original DS games but some titles are enhanced for DSi and they will only play on DSis from the region they were purchased in. They will still play on any standard DS though. Pokemon Black and White are notable DSi enhanced games.

    Finally the 3DS is completely region locked for its own games and DSi enhanced games. Like I said before it will continue to play standard DS games from anywhere.

    Also – if you’re lucky enough to have a Japanese 3DS I’ve recently discovered that the download store takes my UK credit card so that’s a good option for buying games without delays for shipping.

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