Create Anki Sentences from Video Games — 4 Comments

  1. Or you could simply take screenshots. Your computer comes equipped with the ability to take pictures of what you see on your screen without the use of a camera. These pictures will also have a higher quality than what you would achieve with a camera, and will save directly to your hard drive. Most game have a preset button you can push to save a screenshot. Then there’s print screen (which is sometimes also the preset button) which saves a screenshot to your clipboard, but that means you’ll have to paste it into paint or something which isn’t very effective, plus something it simply returns a black screen. But for games that don’t have a preset button (or you can’t find it) you can always use an application – such as Fraps – to save screenshots with ease.

    Just a tip. Still, a good idea to save sentences from games in picture format, hadn’t considered that :).

    • Of course you can just save screenshots, if you’re playing on a computer. That’s true. Capturing screens from game consoles or handhelds is much, much trickier, and requires either jailbreaking/custom firmware/enabling functions that also tend to enable piracy, or hardware that most people don’t have laying around their houses, like capture cards. The Playstation Vita, released mere months ago, has a built-in screen capture function, but almost everything else, whether made by Nintendo, Sega, Microsoft or Sony, doesn’t. You can get better quality by doing it the “right” way or by emulating game systems on a computer (not, strictly speaking, legal), but for 99.9% of learners, grabbing a camera[phone?], which most people have laying around nowadays, and snapping a quick shot is far easier and provides quality that’s good enough.

      I’ll be getting more into this type of thing in my next article, which breaks down what hurdles each game system, PC and mobile device has for Japanese study, such as region encoding, presence or absence of certain functions, etc.

  2. I’d also like to add that if you’re playing games on PC (specifically visual novels but there are ways to get this to work with other games), you can use the AGTH (Anime Games Text Hooker) to grab sentences, although I’m not sure if you’d be able to have it automatically dump everything it copied into a file so you WOULD probably have to stop playing real quick to copy it somewhere. Basically what this program does is it snatches the text on screen and is usually parsed through something like ATLAS or Translation Aggregator. People have been using this to get through Japanese games for years, but having the sentence right there already in copiable text format makes turning them into SRS cards all too easy!

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