Getting Into End Of Summer/Start Of New School Year Mode — 2 Comments

  1. That’s what I really like about Tadoku. It gives me a scheduled opportunity to really focus on my reading. Off tadoku season, I focus on other skills and do reading at my leisure. There are definitely rounds where I just didn’t reach my goal but could’ve, but there are tons of rounds and moments where I absolutely succeeded.

    Likewise, I also use seasonal shifts as times for opportunity. The summer and winter schedules are just different than my school semester schedule, so the transition in between them makes a good time to set goals. Sometimes it’s hard to set a goal in the middle of everything when you’re just trying to finish what’s on your plate, so it’s nice to set them when everything’s fresh and you can introduce it in and work it into your schedule.

    • Tadoku definitely seems to be a great event that gets everyone focused on new goals.

      And I think those schedule shifts that can be taken advantage of occur all throughout the year (end of summer, start of fall semester, end of fall semester, new year, start of spring semester, end of spring semester, start of summer)

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