Getting In The First Word — 6 Comments

  1. Even if I speak English I may just pretend I don’t (my native language is Spanish after all), so that way I can force the conversation in Japanese.

  2. Also try responding in Japanese even though they are speaking in Japanese. When I was in Japan I would always say 日本語が大丈夫です when people were struggling with English. My last resort was to pretend I did speak English and speak Spanish. When comes in handy since I can speak it XD.

  3. すみません、英語が話せないんですけど日本語で話してもいいです or even 日本語で話して頂いても構いませんよ Then wait for them to obliterate your hopes and dreams with crazy fast high level Japanese haha.
    The struggle here is real, I’m both exited and scared to encounter this.

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