Getting Proper UK Culture At Your Japanese Supermarket — 10 Comments

    • 美味しい事は認めるけど・・・怪しいっていうか適当さっていうかなんかずれている!

      • そういえば、たしかにアメリカに「Taco Bell」とか「Panda Express」があってあまりまずくない。

        I guess even if it’s inaccurate, it’s good to open peoples’ minds to other cultures :)

  1. Haha, as a Brit living in Tokyo I find this quite funny but not too surprising :)

    Actually I had a very similar experience once in the USA (in Death Valley if I remember correctly) when I ordered Fish & Chips and I was brought out a plate of fried fish and potato chips instead of French fries! So I guess it’s not just a 日本語 problem! :)

    • That is true. I have seen that mistake here in the U.S. before as well, but at least they are slightly closer… 紛らわしいよ、チップスって!

  2. If I saw this in a supermarket I’d be tempted to complain for being misrepresented and try and get that sign removed…

  3. A friend of mine had fish and chips from a vending machine the first time we went to Japan! He didn’t feel so great the following day.

    Japan’s ‘Traditional’ English pubs also amuse me. It’s been an ambition of mine for a while to go into one and say (in as thick a cockney accent as I can manage) “Alright guv, I’ll ave me usual”.

    • That I want to see!

      It’s a Japanese past time to try to recreate foreign cultural experiences adding a Japanese twist. It makes things fun.

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