The 3 Giant Reasons People Quit Learning Japanese — 5 Comments

  1. LOL I love the FF7 boss choices.

    Those 3 sound dead on to me. They seem to each contain sub-threads too. The one that sneaks up on me sometimes probably lies under boredom. It comes from my difficulty keeping focused or interested if I dont understand 100% of something. It’s a constant battle that I’m (thankfully) slowly winning.

    • That balance of “interest” vs “understanding” is a tough one, especially because every piece of media has a different success ratio. It’s a worthwhile battle though :)

  2. I felt like this was written for me. I know that I must start some immersion instead of just reviewing the Jalup cards. Thanks for the reminder. I’ll check out your recommendations for easy things to watch and read.

    • You may like the Detective Conan manga (easy to get on amazon japan). Its pretty nice and not to difficult I think.

    • Yes. You’ll find it widely opens up your world of studying and makes learning Japanese that much more special.

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