3 Easy to Read Japanese Starter Books — 2 Comments

  1. The ‘read real Japanese’ books actually have audio CDs as well, and the editor recommends that you listen to them before even looking at the stories, to see how much you already understand. The essays and stories have also been arranged in order of ascending difficulty.
    What I liked about these books is that they made for very easy reading right before bed. Every page or so I took a look at the translations of the parts I didn’t really understand right away and then I could move on with the story/essay.

  2. I usually read visual novels on my PC. When i first began, i tried reading some books, but the wall of text really scared me. I could hardly progress. So i tried visual novels. In visual novels all the text is broken up in little parts. every part has from a sentence to 3~4 sentences. When you’re done reading you click on the visual novel and you get the next part. Before you realize you’ve already read a book longer than LotR. VNs helped me get faster and also made it easier for me to face “real” novels.

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