Giving Yourself Time to Regroup – Review Only Mode — 4 Comments

  1. This is such good advice. I think this could help a ton of people. I have built in time like this for myself again and again proactively. I don’t wait till reviews get so high I burn out. Usually everytime I finish 1000 cards I take at least a week off just doing reviews. “Getting them under control”

    I also take some extra time at the end of the year holidays in review only mode. I also travel for a month+ in the summer so I plan around that as well and go review only.

    This let’s me hit it harder than normal in the peak times because I know I will ease off the gas in the near future.

    I started doing it not because of advice but because it fit my life and learning cycle. To have it reaffirmed in this part feels great too.

    • Holidays and travel are definitely great times to regroup.

      And your strategy of regrouping every level (1,000 cards) is a good way of doing things.

  2. I haven’t been through a regroup, instead I decided to reset from scratch and learn kanji again. I had “finished” Kanji Kingdom, and was working through Beginner. I won’t go into why I decided to start again but I’m happy I did, I feel like I built a weak foundation and redoing it has helped me make a better one.

    Sometimes I wonder if I would have been better off regrouping but you have to keep moving forward. I’ll finish off Stage 4 and then do a regroup for college, then I plan to try and knock out either Jalup Beginner or Kanji Kingdom (would appreciate a suggestion here if possible).

    • Sometimes having the experience of a restart makes it easier to have regroups later (since you now know the repercussions of a restart).

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