Japanese Goals & Recommendation Yearly Compilations — 8 Comments

  1. This is great. It was surprisingly satisfying to read through all my updates and see the progress I have made this year.

    • これを聞いてよかった!500コメントをまとめて遣り甲斐があった。Jesperさんはよく頑張ってきた。

  2. It was awesome and inspiring to read through and watch the progress of people over the course of a year. I started rooting for certain people, like characters from a book. Especially interesting was watching various people begin J-J and gradually pick up steam with it.

    • Yeah, a lot of people have made impressive progress, come back every month, and conquered all their goals. edubさんもその中の一人になることを期待しています!

  3. Wow, it was great to see the progress that people (and I) have made in their Japanese studies this past year. I’ve only frequented this site since perhaps May 2015, but by looking back at what my goals were back then, and where I am now, I can see so much improvement in so many areas. 今年も皆さん、一緒に頑張りましょう!

  4. Seeing only 2 sets of goals from me in the 2015 compilation has really made me want to do that better for 2016! Ideally when the 2016 compilation comes out I would like to see 12 sets of goals from myself, so that will be my 2016 goal.


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