6 Haikyuu Quotes to Ignite your Japanese Learning — 12 Comments

  1. Great quotes. One of the things I like best about ハイキュウ, as well as other shows like ちはやふる, is seeing how the different characters develop their own strengths and their own ways of playing and succeeding at a game they love.

  2. Can’t wait for season 3! Since I am caught up to the manga in english, I can watch the anime without subtitles and still be able to enjoy it even if I dont understand much of what’s being said, since I know the gist of it already :D

    • 4+ years later, I can read & understand all of these quotes; season 3 was my favorite haikyuu season, loved both parts of season 4, AND read the whole manga to the end. What a difference 4 years makes!

      • Is anyone able to translate the haiku/poem from the very start of Haikyu?
        “ A tall, tall wall looms over me. What is the view on the other side? What does it look like?
        The view from the top. It’s a view that I could never see by myself. But if I’m not doing it alone, I just might be able to see it.”
        Ive wanted to have it turned into a tattoo in the original Japanese but I can neither read nor write it.

  3. Ah man, ハイキュー is my favorite! I have like 8 volumes of the manga haha. I’m a sucker for sports anime. With Haikyuu, just watching the Karasuno team grow and everyone’s individual skills pushing others to becoming great at their passion has been super motivating! I remember when I watched Free!! for the first time and how it pushed me to become better at competitive swimming, which I had been doing for several years.

  4. I really need to read Haikyuu. But Japan is really one of the best sources for inspiring media. It’s basically what the sports genre runs on, and other series like Space Brothers are chock full of them too. And I’m a sucker for all of it.

    One of the reasons I started learning Japanese was because there are so many sports series that never get a release in the US.

    Haikyuu is a few levels away (and I have some other series I want to read first, like Slam Dunk) but I’m really excited to read it someday :)

    • Yes please do! And I fully agree that Japan continually produces inspiring works of TV and literature. Space Brothers is top at accomplishing that.

  5. I love the series and it’s at this very moment running on my immersion player, haha ^^

    “村人Bも戦えます!” Villager B can fight, too!
    Even without super special abilities you can give your best!

    Oh and along the lines of your number 6) (I think it’s probably from the same episode? Maybe even the same scene…) I think in the first episode there’s this scene, where the match is nearly over and one of Hinata’s friends asks him why he’s still giving his all or something like that. And he has this scary face and is like “But we haven’t lost yet.” muhaha. I sometimes wanna say that when people are implying that I’m not getting anywhere with what I’m doing.
    In general Hinata and some other characters have this “I don’t give up” mindset that’s pretty inspirational!

    For a long time I kind of avoided sports anime. I think I once tried one or two and didn’t like them all that much. But during the last half a year or so, I reaaally got into them, especially if there are people sucking at the start around but giving their best (even though that sounds a bit mean spirited of me *haha*). e.g. Hinata in Haikyuu, Eiichiro in Baby Steps :D Though I’ve been digging all kind of sports anime recently to be honest… Another positive… they are usually easy to follow even when your Japanese still sucks ;)

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