How to Turn Anything Into a Verb — 8 Comments

  1. これすごく面白い!やっぱり「サボる」の混ぜた字をはじめた見たとき…「何これっ?!」とすごいびっくりしたよね。それ以外の「る」動詞があれなんて知らなかったから知らせてくれてありがとうね!★

  2. ネゴる =交渉

  3. I love how similar to the English past tense of the verb パニクった is. That’s pretty cool, I’m not forgetting that one any time soon.
    Do they always conjugate like verbs like 分かる?Or is there any iru eru ones that actually conjugate like other iru eru verbs?

    • Words that sound like English do create a strangely powerful connection in your mind. Never thought about パニクった like that though!

      There might be exceptions, but I do think foreign word-る verbs are mostly conjugated like this.

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