How To Know If A Japanese Girl Likes You — 18 Comments

  1. Hmm in the intro you said you would use the name Takeshi, but then you used Hiroshi? did I miss something? haha

    While it’s true that what they call you may not always mean a whole lot in terms of romance, I think it’s useful in at least knowing how someone sees you, like, if we take Hiroshi-chan as example, even if it didnt actually mean she liked him in a romance way, it’d show him that she really does appreciate him and all. If that makes any sense

    • Typo! Not sure how I missed that.

      And agreed. If it doesn’t mean romance, it shows level of friendship.

      • Ashame it is still hard to distinguish the boundary between getting to date the girl (Oh yea!ウキウキ) or slipping away into the “friendzone” (NOOOOOOOooooooo……..かなしい)

    • Haha. Except for the part about referring to one’s self in the third person, all of these apply to men showing interest (or friend levels) to women. So please absorb the knowledge.

  2. I find that most Japanese girls are easy to get along with and very friendly. Even if you don’t try too hard, most of the time they treat you nice in return.

    It may be hard to get a Japanese gf as they are quite reserved and shy but if you do things right, they would go for you.

  3. I´m fucking lost with the Japanese girls’ reaction I don´t know what they want to do..if they are interested or not actually I tried with a some of them before, but now I’m fucking in love with a Nagoya girl but I don´t know
    What can should I do to let know her about my feelings….any advice i would be very greatful

    • While I’m no expert on this subject, usually honesty works best along all cultures/languages. Tell her how you feel?

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