I Must Read and Watch this Fun Thing Daily! — 4 Comments

  1. Another great article that perfectly captures the dynamic between setting content goals and just enjoying the content. As you say it really just depends on the person and their skill level for what works.

    For me I have really been enjoying content goals. It pushes me and I can check things off a list. If I hit my goal I don’t hesitate to keep going further too. I am excited for the day though my Japanese is good enough that a goal is no longer required to keep me on track and I just consume like it’s second nature. For now though the cognitive work of watching Japanese only is still a high enough that it still feels like work to some degree even if I enjoy it.

    • The best place to be is having your Japanese good enough that a content goal is no longer needed.

      Reaching that is a significant milestone.

  2. I fall more on the “try to get as much immersion in as possible” side. Whenever I try to make it a strict goal it quickly turns into a chore which makes it unfun which makes me stop.
    As I am otherwise a very structured person, e.g. for anki the clear goal of hitting 0 every day clearly pushes me, this is a bit surprising to me (this article made me reflect that!) It is interesting to see how different the approach for the different parts of the journey needs to be.

    • Great point about different approaches for different parts. That’s very true, even when you feel like “I study best by doing X, so I’m going to do every part with X”

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