Finding Yourself some Great Free Music — 9 Comments

  1. (ニコニコ動画) can be a great place to find music. (A huge amount of the Japanese music on YT is ripped from niconico anyway, and it can be another great way to work on immersion!)

    • Niconico is another good one. I haven’t used it much, but I do know they always get the best stuff first :)

  2. I think Youtube is a good idea, actually Youtube has a good service called Leanback now called TV I think: Essentially you type in a keyword, maybe a band in this case, so if you input ‘Ketsumeshi’ it plays all related videos to that keyword in a playlist, no need to keep changing etc. I type in ‘Japanese TV’ sometimes to see where it takes me!

  3. As someone who has a lot of friends who like vocaloids, but not being able to stand the “voices” of them himself, I quite enjoy 歌ってみた! videos as the songs themselves aren’t terrible. This way I can listen to the same songs those friends talk about, but sung by people with voices I actually enjoy rather than something that I can’t get into. Another positive thing about it is that well over 90% of these videos have the lyrics on the screen as they are sung.
    No offense to anyone who likes vocaloids, they just aren’t my thing.
    My favorite female 歌手(of this genre) is 松下 and my favorite male one is 新社会人

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