The Beneficial Life Side-Effects of Studying Japanese — 4 Comments

  1. This is so true! I was suffering from the lack of patience when doing my job (I am an English-Russian translator) and I could translate only two paragraphs in a row and then needed some distraction (as making one battle in a browser game or reading a couple of posts at Facebook) but now, when I’ve activated my Super-Willpower to learn Japanese (as I face difficulties like every student despite my rich experience in learning languages) staying focused is not a problem for me anymore (whatever I do actually). And I even can eat less! Phrases “No! Don’t stop! Two more reviews! One more exercise!” and “No! You should not eat these sweets! No! Stop thinking of another slice!” are cried by the same voice of Self-Discipline =) I love Japanese. No langage has ever done this for me.

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