You vs. Baby Japanese Quiz — 11 Comments

  1. LOL, awesome article. I got everything up to おっぱい♡ correct, then I got them all wrong. I still have much to learn.

  2. Didn’t know 16, 20, and 21, but everything else yep. Though I did teach preschool for a year so I guess I have an unfair advantage >_>
    Fun fact: まんま is used both when they want food and when they’re done :’)

  3. 16/21…Just yesterday I watched a doraemon episode with いないいないばぁ so I had an unfair advantage…

  4. 13/21. Luckily these words are not all important to know. Though I’m sure I would’ve gotten more if I had seen the words in action since they are fairly simple.

  5. 13/21, I got 1-11 and 14+15. おっぱい I actually knew from Japanese in MangaLand. One of the example sentences include the word but I did not recall the meaning when I saw it out of context. Maybe if I had baby-sitted a Japanese baby I would’ve known the baby exclusive ones :P but unfortunately haven’t had the pleasure of meeting any Japanese babies ^^. ねんね is some kind of conjugation of 眠る I suppose? I have recently encountered 眠い in JALUP Beginner, so I might have understood the word in some kind of context, but out of context and without kanji the connection didn’t occur to me.

    Fun challenge though :D

  6. 16/21: Missed 17-21, not good at baby talk at all! I’ve also learned that “o-meme” is “eye/eyes”, “o-tete” is “hand/hands” and “anyo” is “foot/feet/leg/legs” thanks to a children’s song.

  7. Nice test! I missed the last four as well. The only reason I knew ねんね was because its in the one deck, thanks Adam

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