Every Japanese language hero needs powerful equipment to succeed on his language quest. Fill up your inventory here!

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*A packages include all the stages of its level (Ex. Beginner Package = Stages 1-4, Expert Package = Stages 1-8) + Bonus items.
*The Maximum Package includes everything currently on the site, except for Japanese Personal Advisor
*Jalup Beginner Enhanced and Jalup Ultimate Versions (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) are not included in individual stage purchases.
*The 30-day refund applies to all packages as well as individual items.
*You can pay by Paypal or Credit Card. If you don’t see an option for credit card after clicking on a buy link, click “Sign Up,” which will take you to a guest checkout page where you can use your credit card. This happens when you have a Paypal account but want to use a credit card. You don’t actually sign up for anything.

 Jalup: The Book


What if you could transform your language learning into the video game quest of your life? Fluent Fantasy is your strategy guide to crafting your foreign language study into the most thrilling game you’ll ever play.