(Update) Jalup to 10k? – Interest Survey — 7 Comments

  1. I will leave my exact survey response to Adam alone, but I will say I 100% support this. I STRONGLY urge everyone finding value in Jalup, regardless of level to consider this seriously and the true value you get from this, as well as who and what you are supporting. Please fill it out! Thanks everyone!!

  2. Really hope this fundraiser gains traction. While I can understand most of what I read after completing 5k cards, I’m still not at the completely fluent level that I’d like to be. I’m sure most of that will come in time via immersion, but since a lot of the words / phrases I don’t already know are uncommon, it’ll be difficult to remember them without SRS. I could make my own cards, but then it wouldn’t be part of the jalup app, have card linking, or audio, so this would be far more preferable.

    If you’ve not yet completed the first 5k, I’d keep that in mind for the future when deciding if you’d like to support this.

  3. For me personally no. I’m still working on finishing the first 5000 (still will take me another year or so). I’m additionally adding new self made cards after tutoring sessions and will switch to that method exclusively after the 5000 cards. Good luck though.

  4. I’ll post my opinion: after 5000~6000 I found that I preferred making my own cards. At that point you should easily be able to make your own cards more tailored to the media and stuff you encounter regularly. I used Anki as I started before the app was announced so it’s easy to customize.

    I imagine though that people using the app may want more cards though as I imagine you can’t add your own?

    Best of luck on the new decks! Making my own now and I know how hard it is!

  5. I would totally support this fundraiser. While I‘m still at the first 1000 cards I see how great the system is. Sadly I‘m in a tight budget right now and won‘t be able to pay mich, but I would gove, what I could afford.

  6. I don’t really understand the need to rush it with a massive fundraiser. Personally I enjoy the new decks that come out regularly and support these. It completes some gaps or gives me new material when I’m being lazy about creating new cards. $50 every few months is affordable for me but I wouldn’t be able to contribute a massive amount all at once. (I’m also not interested in audio, since I usually do anki in public spaces/on the go, nor card linking but again that’s just me. Audio was useful at the beginning.)

    Certainly wishing for a continuation though, including much continued success for Jalup :)

    • Yeah, same here. I din‘t really need audio, but I would love to see more card linking in the future. It helps a lot with quick reciew of forgotten items.

      I really hope you will continue the decks. And I also hope you will bring the latest decks to the jalup app. No audio or card linking needed. Just the decks with maybe a bit cheaper price then the ones with audio and linking.

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