Jalup App – Button Customization Features — 8 Comments

  1. Cool update which I’m already putting to good use. I particularly like the remaining cards + timer combo for both reviewing and learning new cards *thumbs up*

  2. Is syncing on the list? That’ll be the biggest feature I can think of. Downloading and backing up the CSV files is a bit cumbersome.
    The other very useful feature is an “Undo” button.
    The third is a way of unfreezing currently frozen cards. On Android at least I couldn’t find a way to unfreeze cards that I had mistakenly frozen. I had to restore from the CSV file.

    • I don’t really have an answer on syncing just yet, but for the other two:

      1. Undo button – yes, this is coming soon.
      2. You unfreeze cards from search. Do a search of frozen cards (from the search page), tap on a card, and then unfreeze it.

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