Jalup App – Champion & Master Fundraiser — 22 Comments

  1. I sent my money yesterday but it still looks like the Fundraiser status is at 15. Maybe it’s updated manually?

  2. Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to this fundraiser. It means a lot to me seeing that you guys still support Jalup after all these years :)

    We reached the number!

    I’m going to start working this weekend on getting the decks ready for the apps. As I mentioned in this post, there’s a lot to do, so it may take a few weeks for me to push the update on App Store/Google Play. But I will work as fast as I can.

    If you have any questions about the decks before they are released, shoot me an email.

    Thanks again!! You guys rock.

    • Thank you so much for all your hard work Adam. I feel your work changed how the world learns Japanese. And perhaps other languages!

  3. I didn’t contribute to this fundraiser but I want to thank everyone who did because I will certainly benefit from it. I just got the update on my android devices. Thank you Adam for your awesome work! :)

  4. Off topic minor feature request. Can we get more level images when you have time? Lol

    I think after lvl 80 it’s always the same green ninja? Half joking but if you have time it is always fun to see how it changes…

    • There are different level images up till 99, with the final image being (well… I don’t want to spoil the surprise).

      Are you saying that you’ve gone through all of the 80s and it’s been the same green ninja (the green ninja is only supposed to cover 4 or 5 levels in the low 80s)? Has anyone else in the high levels seen this?

      • Ah okay cool I was thinking it changed every two levels and I think I’ve gone 4 levels without a change. Lvl 84 now. Awesome excited to see what’s ahead hehe

  5. I love seeing the new Master & Champion deck logos when I open the app, even though it will take me quite a while to advance to these 2 final decks. The new Jalup Custom icon is so cool too !! I’m a fanboy of jalup’s artwork :)

  6. Hey Adam,

    Just a thought, but is there any way the card linking task could be crowd-sourced? If there was any way to set it up that the Jalup community could collaboratively work to implement the links, I’m sure it would get done. It would actually probably be a good learning exercise to work on this.

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