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  1. Wow, this is awesome! I’m really happy with Jalup NEXT, but it’s really nice seeing the greatest selling point of NEXT on the Anki Beginner deck too, in case people want to use it instead.

    I’m kinda jealous both choices have this! I’m starting Jalup Intermediate on NEXT in a few days and if all goes as I’ve planned, I’ll be starting Expert around June/July next year. At my current pace, I’m guessing Jalup Expert won’t still be completed on NEXT by then, and since I want to buy the whole Expert package, I’ll have to stick with the Anki version until that moment comes. Being that I’m used to how things work on NEXT (with all this linking and stuff), I’m kinda afraid of stumbling upon a word I can’t recall on Anki and trying to helplessly tap with my finger several times on the word with no result showing up, haha.

    Keep up the good work, Adam. We really appreciate you are still taking the time to further refine your decks :)

    • I believe there is a way to add existing fields to cards you already have. So it would require adding the new enhanced field (and then updating the field format to have the hide/show ability).

  2. Hi Adam,

    Nice website! But, I’m having some issues with your jalup beginner enhanced sample deck here:

    The excel file sentences are in a specific order where each card sentence builds off the previous one. This is good because you get the i+1 effect for the cards. However, there are a couple of problems when you use the deck in Anki.

    (1) It seems when I study the cards in Anki, Anki is giving me the Jalup enhanced sample cards in a random order which does not follow i + 1. Is there a way to fix this?

    (2) When you click browse in Anki to browse the Jalup enhanced sample cards, the cards aren’t listed in the same order as in the excel sheet (ie. not in i+1 order). Is there a way to get cards displayed in the correct i+1 order when you browse the deck? I’ve seen RTK decks where they fix this issue by having a “Sort Field” corresponding to the Heisig numbers, so the cards can be listed in the correct sequence. In the Jalup sample deck, the “Sort Field” is the Japanese sentences and the card number. Is there a way to have the deck cards listed in the right order?

    ***To me point #2 is a bigger issue than point #1; I’d be happy with a fix just to point 2***

    (3) Do the other Jalup premade decks that you sell (intermediate, advanced, expert etc) have this same issue?

    (4) Would you be willing/ do you have time to fix these issues?

    (5) The only way I found to this problem was to add a new sort field to your enhanced deck and then manually number the cards according to the excel sheet order. It is manageable for for one of your decks of 1000 cards but if I have to do it for all your decks beginner through expert….that is going to be painful. Maybe given you Anki skills are much more advanced than mine, you of a better way to do it?


    • I haven’t used the enhanced deck. But all the other decks are in perfect order, anki adds them by creation date. I can’t really speak for the enhanced or the sample, but I’d say it’s an anomaly related to those 1/2 alone.

      The original 5000 series (and certainly immersion series) add in perfect order, for the default settings in anki. Adam is pretty cluey, I don’t think he would purposely release the sample out order, probably just an issue with the sample.

    • I’m glad James’ comment was able to help you figure it out. Let me know if you have any other questions.

      And thanks James!

  3. Thanks James K. I was able to figure it out from you message – my Anki did not have sorting by ‘creation date’ turned on by default, turning on sorting by creation date fixed the issue.

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