Jalup Expert Audio Pre-Order — 24 Comments

  1. I remember when Jalup expert first came out, those were good times in my learning journey. I definitely recommend this for those of you on the come up for expert.

    Also, Adam do you have any recommendations for books? I’ve been needing a new read and I’m open to any suggestion.

  2. I’m preordering. Didn’t get an email confirmation though so if it didn’t go through Adam let me know and I’ll submit again.

  3. My preorder is in, even though I don’t use Anki anymore lol

    Is there an expected time frame for when Next will have the remaining expert cards uploaded and audio added (if this little kick starter for the audio is successful)?

    • Thanks Juan!

      Unfortunately there is no expected time frame yet. What killed the progress was the lack of support for the expert decks on NEXT (almost no one has purchased them outside of the max package). It takes several months to link them, and I just couldn’t justify all that time.

      There is the possibility where I may do a fundraiser for Jalup Next Expert stages, but since there has been no real request for them, I haven’t thought that much about it.

      • Ah no worries, it will take me a while to catch up to where NEXT is up to so I’ll keep crossing my fingers as I plod along.

        Probably goes without saying that I’ll chip in for the NEXT expert fundraiser if that becomes a thing :)

  4. Are we supposed to buy decks 1 – 4 before we get all of the audio or is buying 1 deck and one preorder enough?

    • So technically you don’t need to have any of the decks to make the pre-order purchase. But in order to receive the audio if/when it’s finished, you need to have purchased stages 1-4. You can do this at a later date if you want.

  5. Hi everyone, I just pre-ordered the Jalup Expert Audio. Really hope we can make this happen together. Thanks in advance to everyone supporting this!

  6. Do you know (Adam, or anyone else here): is there any easy(ish) way to attach the audio files to my existing Jalup Expert cards? Like, if I just move the audio files into my deck’s media folder, do you know if it will associate them correctly, or will there be some kajiggering involved?

    Edit: Looks like kajiggering is indeed required — there’s a [sound] field that would need to be added for each file. Might not be too tough with some Anki DB hacks, though… maybe just import the deck, mark dupes, and write a little script that copies over the [sound] bit or something? Hmmm :D

    • There is a way to do this. I’m not 100% familiar with it though, but I will see if I can do some research and write up a guide to accomplish this.

      Unless someone out there already knows the easy solution and wants to let me know so I can put it up as a post :)

  7. Man missed the preorder but very excited!

    If possible, can a folder with just the audio be included in the download when bought? I will be buying this but I can’t retroactively add the readings to my cards so I’d rather just use them for immersion practice.

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