Jalup Group Challenge 6: Manga Mayhem — 62 Comments

  1. Level 30

    I’ve read the first chapter of the first volume of yotsuba, only Manga experience

    Real goal: get into reading rampage like the walk through asks of me

    Challenge goal: read 10 volumes of yotsuba put of 12

    Stretch goal: read all 12 volumes

    I hope by the end of the challenge my reading speed and comprehension improve greatly. Maybe read Manga of my favorite amines after the challenge?

    Strategy: at school, we have 20 minutes dedicated to reading (my teachers let me do anki) so I plan to wake up earlier and finish anki then so I can actually read. Also, I will read much more on the weekends in order to finish the challenge faster and grow faster.

    • Another strategy, I’m gonna read all the Japanese graded readers I have before the challenge starts as preparation. Also, I will try to read an nhk news easy article a day to increase my immersion time.

      • So just with a few days of reading, my reading pace went up. I now read a volume of manga a day, so I should be done with this challenge quite soon. Turns out there are 13 volumes of Yotsuba so I got the 13th volume. Quite surprised with myself and should be seeing that this month passes along smoothly.

    • I finished a deplorable 8 volumes. I was doing great at the beginning of the month then slowly towards the latter half, a combination of school stress and losing motivation led to this goal not being accomplished. The bright side is if it weren’t for this challenge, I wouldn’t have read any Manga this month.

  2. – Your level
    Around Level 25

    – What’s your experience with manga?
    First 3 volumes of yotsuba

    – What manga series will you be choosing?

    – Briefly explain any game plan/strategy you may have
    Gonna re-read volumes 1 through 3 and try to reach volume 10.

    • I didn’t make it very far. I’m not much of a reader these days and also I lost quit a bit of motivation recently. I’m in the middle of looking for a new job so I’m really concentrating on other areas atm.

  3. Aw yeah, a manga challenge! Really looking forward to this. :D

    Level: 38-39

    Manga experience: I read lots of manga in Japanese, and regularly order new volumes from Amazon. However, I definitely have not read ten volumes in one month before.

    Chosen manga series: I don’t own ten volumes of any single series, so will be breaking this up a bit. Volumes 1-5 of 東京喰種, volumes 9-11 of 黒執事, and volumes 6 and 7 of No.6.
    Bonus goal: volumes 8 and 9 of No.6.

    Game plan: Some of the manga I plan on reading have not been delivered from Amazon yet, but I expect them to arrive in time for this challenge. If they don’t, I’ll start with 東京喰種 and read ハイキュー instead of 黒執事. I’ll aim for a pace of one volume every three days, but it shouldn’t take me that long to read a whole volume. さあて、やろうか?

    • If it’s okay, I started a few days early on the 28th of April as I was flying to and from Michigan this weekend with several layovers. I coudn’t pass up the opportunity to read as many volumes of manga as I could while sitting on the plane and in the airport! May has 31 days, so the challenge ends on May 29th for me.

    • I finished my tenth volume today, but given that I did start a bit early I’m definitely going to keep going. What I’ve read so far: 東京グール:1, 2. No.6: 1-4. 黒執事:9-11. 刹那グラフィティー:1. I also read lots and lots of stuff on comico, but I’m not counting that as I don’t know where to divide the volumes.

    • It’s a couple days early, but here’s how the month has gone for me. This challenge was a smashing success.
      I read: 東京グール 1-5. 黒執事 9-11. No.6 6-9. 刹那グラフィティー 1. ハイキュー‼︎ 1-3 (and am working on 4 right now). 進撃の巨人:悔いなき選択 1. 進撃の巨人 13-16. 進撃‼︎巨人中学校 1 (and am working on 2 right now).

      …for a grand total of 22 volumes, I believe, not including the ones I am in the middle of right now. In addition, I also read about 40 chapters of ReLIFE and 10 chapters of 乙女的シンドローム. There’s still a couple days to go, though, so I’m going to try and hit the 25 volume mark.

  4. Level: 30-35

    Manga experience: Not actually a lot. A bit of yotsuba and chi’s sweet home, a volume of fairy tail, the 4 volumes of この彼女はフィクションです and 8 volumes of some random ecchi thing I can’t remember the title of.

    Chosen manga: I have 4 volumes of Yona on hand, so starting with that. Afterwards, will read some more Fairy Tail.

    Game plan: Not any thing special, I am taking a few days off the week of the 3rd and wanted to get a lot of reading in so this challenge is perfect for me. I marathoned all of the Fairy Tail anime about a month ago, and I watched the Yona anime. I have found that it’s been really helpful for reading Fairy Tail, to already be familiar with the storyline. Hoping to see the same benefit with Yona.

    • I’m about halfway through volume 1 of Yona. Definitely not on pace to make it, so I’ve just ordered the 13 volume set of Yotsuba from Despite the fact I find it somewhat boring (I’m just not a slice-of-life kind of guy) it will certainly be faster, easier reading. Anyways, will keep going with Yona until that gets here and then switch gears.

    • only got about 4 volumes in. womp womp. Still more than I likely would have read otherwise, so I’m not bummed. tadoku starting up soon, so I’ll try again to kick my reading up a notch.

  5. Level 35+
    I also don’t own 10 volume I am starting with the Pokémon series 2-7 (someone stole number 1) then if I finished that ajin and pupa 1-2. I don’t have that much experience with manga I bought a lot when I was in Japan I just haven’t read them I feel this is something I need to kick start my reading skills. My main focus is to read everyday and try to enjoy the process and worry about the words later.

  6. Level 40+

    I’ve read a few manga including ドラえもん, 日常 and 日本人の知らない日本語

    Challenge goal: read 10 volumes of よつばと! from the 13 that I have and hopefully keep pace.

    I have been slacking on my reading so this is the push I needed to get back into it and I think it’s about time I read よつばと!instead of just letting it gather dust on my bookshelf >.<

    • Goal reached for 10 volumes! Will continue with the remaining for tadoku coming up i can keep a pace of a volume a day for Yotsuba if there aren’t too many distractions will see how that compares with rest on my shelf.良い経験でした

  7. Level 32-35

    Experience: 23 volumes if we want to be precise, over the course of 17 months. I’ve read 4 manga in a month before just recently so I’m quite aware of how difficult this will be.

    Manga: Well crap, I’ll actually be done with yotsuba before this starts. It’ll have to mostly be 進撃の巨人 and 風の谷のナウシカ. (Hope the other people doing this don’t get sick of yotsuba lol)

    Plan: I’ll clearly have to drop reading other books, so I should try to finish the ones I’m reading right now. Reading manga will have to become the default activity. I’m really not sure if I can do this, but it’ll be great to try. This challenge is going to drive me close to running out of manga. With only a few manga left, I’ll finally have little excuse to starting the novels I have.

    • Whew! This month seemed like an eternity, when have I ever not read manga every day? Most everyday anyway. This was quite the challenge. I thought I would finish early but I only just kept pace. I had to fall back on the “easiness” of 進撃の巨人 and read all the remaining volumes of that since my other manga is quite difficult. Reading 風の谷のナウシカ reminded me of the difficulty my early manga reading days with it’s lack of furigana. I’m glad I did this since my skill went up a noticeable bit. I’m not likely to push like this in the future though. I had read aggressively and didn’t have as much time as I’d like to make sense of what I was reading. Though it was quite nice to finally have read a manga in just one day.
      7 進撃の巨人
      1 風の谷のナウシカ
      1 私たちの幸せな時間
      1 花の慶次 雲のかなたに

  8. Level: 25

    I tried reading Death Note once around level 10 or so. Needless to say, I didn’t get very far with that. Otherwise I have read a few pages of Dragon Ball.

    Manga: I ordered 5 volumes of ドラエモン and 5 volumes of Chi’s Sweet Home which will hopefully arrive next week. Since all I have besides that is 4 volumes of Death Note, those 10 will be what I aim to read.

    Plan: I have a small holiday for 4 days in the start of May with nothing else planned, so I hope to kickstart the challenge by reading as much as possible in those 4 days.

    • My manga hasn’t arrived yet :( and I’m not even sure it will get here in time for my 4 day holiday Thursday to Sunday which is really sad. I hope to still be able to finish the challenge, but I’m not that sure anymore.

      I’m considering retrying Death Note as an intensive read. First time I tried was in the first half of Jalup Beginner, so I should have progressed a fair bit since then. But to really enjoy it I probably will have to look up a lot of words. If I end up not enjoying all of the look-up I might start skipping parts I don’t understand and only look up frequently recurring words.

      • Hmm, sorry to hear that. If you live near the Copenhagen area, you can borrow my Chi volumes if you like?

        • Unfortunately not living anywhere near Copenhagen (around 4 hours away by train), thanks for the offer though, very kind of you :)

          I currently have an English book that I’m reading, so I kind of decided that now that things are as they are I’ll focus on finishing my English book while waiting for the manga. Then my focus will be undivided for manga madness as soon as the packages arrives. I ended up ordering よつばと collection through Amazon, which should arrive no later than the 9th, so by then I’ll go manga crazy :D

    • Manga Mayhem is back on track! よし!

      I received the 13 volumes of よつばと yesterday and managed to read nearly half of the first volume as well. At half a volume a day I should just manage the 10 volumes required for the challenge.

      I don’t understand everything, which felt a little discouraging at first, but I’m getting used to it… I think I understand maybe 50% of the text, and then guess another 40% from the images. So I follow the story just fine. Also よつば is a strange but very cool girl haha :D

    • やった! Just finished the last volume now. So my end result is 5 volumes of Chi’s Sweet Home, 4 volumes よつばと! And a single volume ドラエモン.

      Chi was definitely the easiest one. It took a few chapters to get used to the cat-speak but it helped a lot that there wasn’t too much text. Also I laughed a lot while reading. Chi is so adorable and fun. Doraemon had a lot of text and while I found it interesting it was not good for speed reading. and I needed the speed since I got a bad start of the month due to my order not arriving as planned. Yotsuba is somewhere in between when it comes to difficulty but very enjoyable relaxation reading.

      I still have volumes for when I feel like reading in the future and this challenge have given me some good practice to get started with.

  9. Level 70
    I read the last 5 books of the Naruto series and the first 3 books of His and Her Circumstances.
    The manga series I’ve chosen is I am a Hero. There are a few manga series I’ve been meaning to get to, so I also want to read the Bakuman series as well.
    If I read one manga a day, I could finish both series within the month. I think one a day is the perfect pace for me right now but I may be able to read more once I dive into this challenge.I would like to do most of my reading in the morning since my focus is a lot better.

    • I am a Hero is a good series for marathon reading. I read the last 12 manga in the series just last month so I’ve already completed this challenge! You might have to get through volume 1 first to warm up to the style but then from volume 2 the action really starts and it’s easy to get swept away.

      • Thanks for the comment! I struggled at the beginning and just switched to another manga. I forgot to come back to it. Your comment has encouraged me to start reading it again. Just the art itself really caught my eye and I don’t want to give up on this series. :)

    • I thought this manga challenge would be a breeze since I can read almost any material comfortably. However, that mindset mostly contributed to my procrastination. I had only finished 3 manga in the first 3 weeks. I read the first book of 鋼の錬金術師、バクマン。and 四月は君の嘘. It made me realize that manga was more difficult than I thought and I needed a new strategy. I figured out my reading level wasn’t the issue, but my interest in the story was. I ended up getting hooked into 四月は君の嘘 and my speed really increased to 2 and 3 a day in the last week. I finished the 11 book series.
      Through this challenge I’ve come to realize that making it past the first few chapters in a series is important. I struggled mostly with the first few pages and gave up because it was difficult to stay engaged. But pushing through really helps. I had this problem with the I am a Hero series, but now I am going to try at it again.
      Another important thing I learned was how manga could help me easily and naturally expand my vocabulary with specific subjects. I am really interested in music and I play the piano often. So when I read Your Lie in April, I naturally picked up a lot of words naturally that concerned something of interest and importance to me. My vocabulary is very wide so now I need to fill in the gaps. Reading manga would allow me to talk about my interests more fluently.

  10. Level 38

    I have read a decent amount of manga, mostly just single volumes of whichever random manga my local used bookstore happens to get in.

    I don’t currently have 10 volumes from a single series, so I will probably be reading from a few different ones, probably school rumble, Dragonball, and ちょっとヨロシク!

    These are books that have been sitting on my shelf that I have been wanting to read for awhile but never got around to, so hopefully this motivates me to start clearing my backlog of books out. And if I can get at least 5 finished by the 15th I will order some manga from series I have enjoyed in English already to give me stuff that I know I will enjoy reading.

    • I have read 3 volumes already, which I’m happy with since I was on vacation and still made time to read and keep up with anki reviews.

      Hopefully I up the pace now that I’m home and finish this challenge early.

      • I did finish the challenge,but I didn’t read any of the ones I said I was going to.

        I ended up reading 3 volumes of バイキング、1 volume of Guts, ドラえもん、るろに剣士、ポケモン、and 3 volumes of ヒカルの碁

  11. – Your level

    – What’s your experience with manga?
    Tried to read it before but always gave up.

    – What manga series will you be choosing?

    – Briefly explain any game plan/strategy you may have
    I’m just going to have a schedule and keep to it. Also, I’m not going to worry about understanding everything and I’m not going to try and translate it as I go. I’m just going to read it.

  12. – Your level
    around level 40

    – What’s your experience with manga?
    Read all Naruto Mangas a short while ago, i was going with a pace of 4-6 volumes every day.

    – What manga series will you be choosing?
    I will choose a little bit of a harder Manga to so i wont finish it in a few Days. So i will try to read 10 Volumes of the Umineko Manga (1 Volume can range from 250 and 350 pages and its not an easy manga to read so should be fine)

    – Briefly explain any game plan/strategy you may have
    Reading whil i am taking the train to work, should be enough time there to finish 10 volumes in 1 month

  13. – Your level
    Around level 22

    – What’s your experience with manga?
    I’ve been reading yotsubato, dragon ball, and a few others.

    – What manga series will you be choosing?
    Shaman King. I just got the whole set of kanzenban volumes and since I already had volumes 1 and 2 and already read them, I’ll be doing volumes 3-12.

    – Game plan
    I’ll shoot for 3 volumes a week in the first 2 weeks, so I can be more relaxed during the latter half of the month with 4 remaining volumes. Hope I can do that :P

    • Finished the challenge!

      I’ve read the Shaman King kanzenban volumes 3 to 12, just finished volume 12. Funny, when I realized I finished volume 11 earlier today I thought about taking it easy and leaving volume 12 to read during the week but I just had to read the next fight so I continued haha xD

      Definitely got more used to some grammar patterns from the Jalup decks through all this reading, and saw lots of words from the intermediate decks which helped me understand them better than just in anki. Also realized what are some of the things that confuse me, and noticed there are lots of new words I can understand from kanji and context.

      This was an awesome challenge and I still have the rest of the Shaman King collection to read through :P Though I think I’m gonna be reading some other stuff alongside it, just ordered more manga from lol

  14. – Your level: Around 30.
    – What’s your experience with manga?: Haven’t seriously read any manga in Japanese before, except for a few chapters here and there.
    – What manga series will you be choosing?: The first 10 volumes of Yotsubato!
    – Briefly explain any game plan/strategy you may have: I usually try study and do my Anki reviews in the morning before going to work. I’ll make sure to this in order to be able to read during lunch time and a little after getting home from work.

  15. – Your level:
    Level 70+

    – What’s your experience with manga?
    I have been collecting manga in Japanese since 2002 and have amassed quite an eclectic collection (450+ volumes), so my experience with manga is quite extensive.

    – What manga series will you be choosing?
    I’ll be reading the first ten volumes of Bleach.
    Stretch Goal: Bleach volumes 11 to 30.

    – Briefly explain any game plan/strategy you may have:
    If I stick to one book per day, I can easily complete the challenge as well as my stretch goal.

    • As of today I have finished reading the first 10 volumes of Bleach. I certainly wasn’t expecting to finish the challenge so quickly, but once you get on a roll, you just can’t stop, right? ^__^

      As for my stretch goal, I will continue on with Bleach. However, at the pace I’m going at now, it looks like I’ll have even that done by the middle of the month. So I’m just gonna try to cram in as many volumes as I possibly can in whatever remaining time I will have left. I still have a lot of unread manga around here, so what better excuse than for this challenge?


    • Back with the news that I completed my stretch goal today! Besides that, I’ve also read 8 volumes of other series, so my total read volumes is 38 so far. I’ll continue on with reading; it’ll certainly be interesting how far I get by the end of the month. ^__^

  16. I’m technically a day late for the start of the challenge (it’s May 1st now), but I hope I can participate anyway! Just means I’m half a day behind everyone else…

    LEVEL: Mid 30s? Maybe 40, these days?

    MANGA EXPERIENCE: I’ve read a decent amount now… a scattered handful of volumes from lots of different series. The only series I’ve consistently gotten into so far is Fullmetal Alchemist, which I’ve read 16 or 17 volumes of.

    WHICH SERIES: I’ll probably read some volumes from many different series, assuming that’s okay for the challenge. Honestly, this will largely depend on what Kinokuniya has in stock when I go there later today:

    * 20th Century Boys (starting vol. 1 today!)
    * The rest of Inuyashiki (only a few volumes that I haven’t read)
    * Some more I Am A Hero — basically as many as I feel like (I’m up through vol. 4 currently)
    * Another few volumes of FMA, probably
    * Some more Yotsubato? I’ve only read 2 volumes so far, but I really enjoyed those
    * Maybe another One Piece or two (I’m about 7 volumes in currently)
    * Possibly will swap out some more JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure volumes if the next couple volumes of One Piece aren’t in stock

    As you can probably tell, my manga reading tends to be pretty unfocused…

    STRATEGY: In short: read every day! I’ll likely slow down on adding new cards from Jalup Expert as well — I’ve been spending way too much time in Anki lately. I also have a vacation coming up, so I should have lots of time to read while on planes, relaxing by the pool, &c. In theory…

    Then next month it’s back to attempting more novels, gotta wean myself off the manga :D

    • How are you mid 30’s when you are on jalup expert?

      10 is half of Jalup beginner
      20 is all of Jalup beginner
      30 is all of intermediate
      40 is all of advanced
      50 is all of expert

      You are somewhere between 40-50

      • Anki progress isn’t the only thing that determines level, though. The card counts associated with each level (and rough alignment with the JALUP decks) are just an estimate. Ultimately it’s up to each person to decide how to rate themselves =)

      • I think part of it is that “level 40” always sounded so intimidating and far off for me. (When I first discovered Jalup, my level was probably in the teens.) I held people in the level 40+ range on a pedestal and wondered to myself whether I’d ever get that far.

        Now that I’m in that range (or close), I still feel like there’s so much I don’t know and I don’t quite feel the dazzling enlightenment I expected. That said, it’s easy to forget how far you’ve come, and to take your own progress for granted.

        I liken it to when you’re a kid — you get older little by little, year by year, and you keep waiting for that magical moment when you’ll suddenly become a “grownup”. Then at some point you realize that moment will never actually arrive — every adult in the world is just as confused as you are. And yet, even still: look how far you’ve come!

        TL;DR: You’re probably right! Card-wise, I’m almost halfway through Expert. Sorry for the overly introspective reply :D

    • SUCCESS!

      I wound up reading, in this order: 20th Century Boys #1, Inuyashiki #4, Inuyashiki #5, FMA #17, FMA #18, Inuyashiki #6, One Piece #9, One Piece #10, Yotsubato #3, and 20th Century Boys #2.

      I’ll probably add another volume or two of 20th Century boys before the month is out, honestly, but no promises there :D

      As for reflections, there are two main takeaways for me:

      1) It wasn’t long ago that it took me a month (or more!) to get through a single volume of manga. This challenge was an awesome way to shove my own progress into my face, which feels great.

      2) 20th Century Boys is one of the best manga series I’ve read. Highly recommend it!

  17. I won’t be doing this precise challenge (other things to focus on this month), but I do want to start reading more manga.

    Can someone please tell me the easiest place to read manga online or on an android phone. I have really struggled to find an app that gives me manga in Japanese (I live in Australia, and the apps I’ve tried seem to only have English), which is surprising to me.

    I don’t mind paying subscribing. Just want something that’s straightforward and convenient.

    I guess I could get them off the Japanese Amazon kindle. Anything better?

    Apologies if this is already covered somewhere, but I couldn’t find anything.

      • +1 for comico – it’s fantastic. All the manga on there are full-color and the top-rated ones are very high quality. So far I’ve only read ReLIFE and 乙女的シンドローム, but I’m really enjoying them both.

    • Japanese kindle is by far the best, on smart phones and tablets that is. For books especially . Manga would be pretty similar across apps, considering it’s just an image viewer. Have only used iBooks for manga. No advantage of manga digital over physical other than easy storage and instant access.

  18. I am bit late to the challenge, but here is my manga : Re-Life.
    I don’t know how much are 10 volumes, but I am planning to catch up this month.

    • よし、ReLIFEファン勢がどんどん増えるよ!

      The updates vary in length, but I’d say on average they’re comparable to ~14 pages in a physical manga. So if you read all ~130 updates currently posted, that’d be equal to approximately 8 volumes.

    • I read all the Re:Life in like 1.5 weeks, got bored, didn’t read anything else. So, I guess 75% success?

  19. i keep trying to post on this and failing
    level – 25ish

    experience – naruto 1, doraemon 1 and some random stuff.

    Manga- 原宿こぶし組 because its free online and doesn’t look to hard and has enough volumes.

    Strategy – read quickly. Note down any words I can’t work out from context. Look them up in the evening when I have time.

  20. I’ll start the challenge tomorrow (after commenting I’ll go to sleep), let’s see if I can complete!
    – Level – 11
    – I’ve started reading Yotsubato 5 months ago but ended up focusing on other studies for JLPT prep
    – Totsubato
    – Try to not add too many cards to anki, otherwise overwhelmed and end up quitting (I hate to add cards to anki, I’ll probably try to just to bring up the ones that already are on my 6k deck), read a little bit everyday, if I start I know that I’ll read more, the trick is to start :D

    • So since my day is almost over, I wasn’t able to finish this challenge! However I’m quite happy with the challenge itself and will continue going forward. I actually read 3 volumes in this time. Main struggle is basically if I don’t know a word, understand where it ends/starts because it might be conjugated or simplified in a way that I cannot find it in the dictionary. Most of the things I could understand but some sentences passed by, since it’s a manga I can understand a little bit from the images so that’s okay. If I’m trying to understand every single nuance it becomes too much of a chore and I end up giving up so better this way, slowly building up my understanding.

  21. While back in May I was not at the right level to take on this challenge, this month I was! I personally had planned to finish 10 volumes in a month, but I ended up doing it in 14 days. Crazy!

    Level: 17-ish when I started, 20-23 now
    Experience: I had read maybe around 4 volumes of various manga in June, but nothing beyond that.
    Manga I read: Ore Monogatari!! Vol. 2-11
    Game plan: I started out looking up unknown vocab frequently but after one or two volumes I gave that up. I just look up 1-3 words/page (as needed), and on more important pages I spent a bit more time so I could comprehend it, but that happened maybe 3 or 4 times. I just resigned myself to living in ambiguity, but I found if I didn’t get something right away I would understand it maybe 10 pages later as the characters talked more about it.

    This challenge was super fun! I slowly feel myself becoming a manga fiend, which I am a-ok with. Damn you, cheap Japanese manga and international shipping!

  22. This is very late but I have decided that I wanted to do this challenge in October, on top of the Slaying English Subtitles one.

    – ~10-15
    – In Japanese: have read 13 volumes of よつばと!, 3 volumes of からかい上手の高木さん and 3 (will be 4 by the start of this challenge) volumes of 花君と恋する私. In english: I have read dozens and dozens of series, over 500 volumes.
    – I will read the remaining 6 volumes of 花君と恋する私, and then 4 volumes of ポヨポヨ観察日記 (this will be my first series without furigana!). If I end up reading more (I will need to get a job this month so maybe I wont, BUT in case I do), I will read the following 4 volumes of ポヨポヨ観察日記 and then start Dr. スランプ.
    – I guess I’ll try to read about ~70 pages per day so that I can do a volume every 3 days. That shouldn’t be too bad, 2 chapters of monthly series or 4 chapters of weekly series. Also, because my level is low, as of now I usually just skip the words that I don’t know. If a word pops up often though I get curious and look it up, but I dont bother adding it to anki yet. As of right now I’m still only in JALUP Beginner after all (although I am just about done!).

    Again I know this is an old challenge but I decided to do it anyways because it sounds interesting!

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