Why Jalup Has 65 Levels To Fluency — 11 Comments

  1. I’ve been keeping track of my level by my card count of the jalup decks (which may or may not be a good way) it helped me in two ways: knowing how far I’ve come, and what media I can tackle

  2. I’ve been keeping track of my level ever since I first found this site, using the Test Your Might and power tests. I like structure and concrete goals to shoot for, and so Jalup levels been a really convenient tool for measuring my abilities and progress in the past year. I think I first discovered Jalup at about level 15, and I’m about 40 right now. That’s definitely better than saying I was a beginner a year ago and now I’m intermediate-ish haha. In addition, intermediate, advanced, and beginner can be subjective words, so having a definite level system in place that everyone follows is super useful.

    • For people that don’t use levels, I think “intermediate” can feel like it lasts for months (or years). Because it means you’re not bad, but you’re not great. Which encompasses a long period of time.

  3. From the beginning I’ve kept track of the “exact” day I leveled up. It really shows progress or lack there of. Like I can see what level I was when I watched a show or read a book and I can think of that experience in the context of that level. It’s great when I think of my failures in the past and then think, “Oh wait, that was 15 levels back when I did that, I’d do way better now.”

  4. Hey Adam, I really like the videogame theme on Jalup, I also love the leveling system, it’s very motivating. I had the idea of making an online tool for checking one’s level, with milestones, motivational quotes, immersion media recommendations and such, but I wanted to ask you first, are you OK with it?

  5. Thank you so much for the leveling system you made. It has really helped me take an objective look at my abilities and progress, instead of just letting myself listen to the 上手s from people I talk to and my own intense perfectionist internal monologue, which can get really confusing!

    It was also a revelation to see the level you recommended for when someone might be able to start translating. I’ve had a sense in my head of what that level might look like, but it’s so hard to measure against other people’s recommendations since it’s so subjective. The numerical system really helps create a more concrete idea of what the level looks like.

    • I’m happy to hear it has helped, and I’m looking forward to hearing how your foray into translation goes.

      I could totally see a level system based on how many 上手ですね’s you’ve gotten haha. I’m 上手ですねx500!

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