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  1. Oh my god! Instant messaging with Japanese experts? Hit me up! I’ll be on there 24/7. I think slack ( is a better platform for this kind of group messaging, but I don’t mind this format either.

  2. This was an awesome idea :D I just had my first Japanese chat… You guys rock! The chat format also forces speed. If just a couple of people are chatting you have to keep up the speed with both reading and writing to stay in the conversation.

  3. Something I just learned, it’s far more efficient to type with the QWERTY keyboard setup in android than the other way (where you have to swipe to pick the hiragana character you want). (I saw Adam and others talking about this last night lol).

    • The swipe keyboard is actually faster in the long run, I’ve seen Japanese use it like lightning. But it would take ages to get used to it

      • Ah yeah. I guess what I meant was it is more efficient for me since I’m familiar with the QWERTY keyboard but not the swipe method which would take me quite a while to learn :) And I also wanted to say something here in case any other beginners like me have trouble keeping up with everyone’s super fast typing :)

        • It’s sort of like learning Japanese itself. If you want to be able to keep pace with everyone you need to learn 10-key and get used to it. The up front cost sucks, somewhat like learning kanji RTK-style, but eventually you can get super fast especially if you switch to dual thumbs which is a huge speed increase over QWERTY.

  4. This line chat was a great idea but in reality its just people talking about japanese in english all day

    • From what I’ve seen it’s been mostly in Japanese so far. There are definitely forays into English (when the topic becomes too complex, or lower-level folks want to participate), though. Maybe you jumped in during one such time?

      • 落ち着けよ!:) 思想自由。 彼(女)は本当のこと言っています。He probably entered the conversation at a bad time.

        • 無礼ならごめん。わざとらしいですけどわざとじゃないの。兎に角確実な根拠だな。

    • I don’t think that’s a fair representation of the chat. I’ve seen about the same amount of Japanese conversations as I have English. I don’t think it would be realistic to force Japanese only conversation as it would exclude any participation from beginners. I also think beginners have a right to ask for tips and advice from advanced learners. It has opened my eyes and energized my studies and I’ve seen the same from other beginners. You should try to start a conversation in Japanese and see what happens :)

      • It may be a little difficult to start a conversation in Japanese in the middle of an on-going English conversation. A lot of messages is thrown back and forth very quickly sometimes. But I don’t think we can solve that really..

        The best advice is probably to ignore the English chat if not interested in the topic, and then trying to start a Japanese conversation when the chat goes quiet. The Japanese conversations I’ve had in the chat so far have been fun and great practice.

    • My experience is that it is randomly all Japanese, then randomly all English, then it gets all mixed and then suddenly its a stamp fest, etc.

      Overall it’s better than I expected and since I know plenty of places to get raw unfiltered high-level Japanese its actually nice to see a huge mix of skill level and randomness. If you do want the conversation to turn Japanese just bring up a decent topic. Most people try to respond in the same language if they can but other times speed and clarity of communication trump that and that is definitely a good thing!

    • I am realy sorry you felt that way about the chat. I realy think, like others already said, you realy just came at a bad timing. As far as I can tell the Chat is at least regulary just in japanese for a while.

      The people are pretty nice there as well and I dont think anyone would have a problem to get back to japanese if the conversion turned to english. (even though not everyone will be able to like beginers and the shouldnt feel excluded) Of course the chat won’t be able to please everyone, there are a lot of people with different levels after all, and i think its important to be a welcoming place for everyone.

      Another thing to consider is the chat just started so not everything will be perfect. For me its definitly a fun place already and I think everyone in the chat is open for suggestions to make it a better place for japanese learners.

      • Yeah! Same here! is that person just an asshole, or is it Adam doing something. If it is the former, I guess we are doing the invite system

        • It definitely wasn’t anything Adam did. It looks like someone messed with the group, unfortunately. Adam and some other folks are working on figuring out what to do next.

        • I honestly don’t know what happened, but the ID-EN Translator is an official service. I personally think it was a bug in their system. Whether that was triggered intentionally or not is hard to say. I’ve reported it to them just in case.

      • All good guys. One of them’s salty he can’t make any money out of his fluency. Throws his bitterness towards Adam and learners. Move along.

  5. I had to leave the chat as the messages were just overwhelming even without the push notifications. I use Line actively with my friends so it was distracting to have the Line message bubble. But it was nice seeing everyone’s excitement and to finally get to meet the other members on this site. Good luck everyone.

  6. I really need to find my phone. Its lost in my house and I don’t understand how it happened or where it is.

  7. How do you find Japanese people who share similar interests as you? Mixi’s dead, Facebook groups aren’t a big deal, Twitter’s an awful platform to hold a conversation in, and Line groups are private.

    • I’ve actually had a good experience with Twitter. The character limit is 140 regardless of language, and in Japanese you can fit ~3-4x as much information as you could in that same number of characters in English.

  8. I’m a young Japanese learner who has struggled a lot. I think, with the help of this website, I’m finally on track to achieve fluency. I’m studying to hopefully work for Google in their Japan HQ and play all the good Japanese games.

    I commented on and a couple of other articles. Usually I sit in the background so I don’t say much. I’m hoping this group can give me the constant motivation I need to reach my goals. Also, I’m friends with Jonathon so he might vouch for me if I’m lucky :).

    • Haha, yes Chris, of course I’ll invite you. We’ve talked multiple times in the past through e-mail as well.

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