Jalup Listen – Adam & Yuki Show — 17 Comments

  1. This idea is amazing and I’m in it for sure. Hope a lot more people will sign up for it so it can grow and grow. Also it’s not too expensive, 3 a month is really nothing.

  2. Yea,cool! It is always a bit of a hassle to find some good audio to listen to. And three dollar a month is a fair price

  3. I’m in! :) Currently a bit tight on money, but I think I can manage that much ;) I will put the clips on my mp3-player right away!

    • Thinking about it some more, 3-5 a week sounds huge, that’s basically every other day a new clip! I really hope this catches on :)

      I mean the clips are short but to me that seems just right, especially if there’s new material so regularly.

      • Thank you!

        And if it catches on, I hope to expand this to even more clips, including other voices (male), etc. There’s a lot of possibilities with where to go with this.

        • It’s a very good idea that could definitely benefit from a male voice too. Also, a back and forth with male and female would rock. Either way, I’m excited!

            • Sounds great to me! Another idea that may be interesting if you go with having more than one person, is to have episodes where those involved have a conversation (maybe unscripted) about whatever topic. Or even the situations series but with more than one person? One thing I like about unscripted is people make mistakes and speak differently because they haven’t practiced and it sounds more like real life and forces you to try to understand mistakes. Also, people speak more slowly when they are trying to think of something they want to say at that moment which our mind has to adjust for. Anyways, I love this new series idea.

              Just some ideas. It feels strange speaking in here after basically 2 years of lurking haha.

            • Thanks for the additional suggestions. And welcome to the talking (non-lurking) part of the Jalup community :)

    • I believe there wasn’t enough support. It appeared to me as if they were essentially working for free (or pretty close).

    • From the Patreon post:

      “Unfortunately, that support/engagement never grew large enough to be able to continue them like we had planned. We had a lot of fun, and would’ve liked to see it go further, but it is what it is.

      We will be discontinuing both series at the end of this month (June)…”

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