Jalup Mobile – Free Promo Codes for Previous Jalup Customers — 8 Comments

  1. Amazing, thank you!

    As an Anki user who had Next unlocked without extra charge, and now the mobile app as well – this is much appreciated :)

  2. Thanks Adam. I am excited to try and figure out a good transition point. It will be more fun to be on that platform since you are actively developing features for it. Just need to find an old iOS device…

    • It feels like that may be a while still but I hope I am wrong. I will probably just pick up an old iOS device for now. Adam, any early idea if our progress will transfer if we start now on iOS and move to Android later without rebuying everything?

      • I’d be careful about picking up an older IOS device. I think he plans to keep it up to date and use the newest features, which may make your device unable to run the app after a while. This is just my opinion.

      • The plan is to connect the two together (including purchases and progress). Right now it’s too early for any details though (as it hasn’t been started yet).

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