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  1. This is pretty exciting. I know this is probably pretty far off, but I would be interested in knowing if once the deck market place and the recommendation system opens up if I can click on the decks that I have mastered and have that be factored into the deck and media recommendation system, so that I can get the benefit of this system without having had to have learned the material previously through Jalup Next.

    In addition, I might be of service with respect to programming, really I am pretty green, with only a few college programming classes under my belt, but perhaps I can volunteer to help with testing, documentation, debugging, refactoring, etc. This way I can contribute to Jalup Next and have something to add to my working portfolio when I graduate from school. Please let me know if this is a possibility.

  2. Hello!
    I would love to try out this project if possible.
    I’ve been studying Japanese for quite sometime now, but I have only done JLPT 5, and I was thinking about buying some of the JALUP phrase decks to help me.
    I am already using the “one” kanji deck.

  3. That sounds totally awesome. I’m not a total beginner but am interested in some of the decks, so I wrote an email nonetheless :D (though I don’t mind if you say “not right now”)

    I’m looking forward to what is to come either way :)

  4. Awesome, I can’t wait for the final product! I was wondering if you had something up your sleeve lately…

  5. Hey Adam, best of luck with this project! I love the word connection feature, I wish I had that on Anki. I’m currently working through Jalup Advanced but I might pick up Next for Expert.

    • The word connection feature was always something that was requested a long time ago, but could never be done with Anki. It’s gonna blow your mind :)

  6. What a fantastic idea. Couldn’t be prouder!

    I love the ambition.

    Good luck!

    Having completed them in their entirety, I for one can vouch for these decks. They are awesome.
    If they are indicative of the Jalup SRS’ quality, it’s going to rock too.

    Give it a shot beginners and those looking to get into monolingual learning (japanese definitions), you’ve got everything to gain!

  7. This sounds really great and would be superior to Anki since it would be tailored specifically to Jalup and our needs. I’m really looking forward to hearing more about this.

    I’m past the Jalup decks at this point, so I don’t match the current alpha tester criteria, but I’m a professional software developer, and if you are interested I would like to help out with feedback and testing of the solution. I have a big interest in development intuitive user interfaces, so I can probably help out in that area.

  8. I thought monthly fee would be better at first, but after thinking about it, this is like a game with in app purchases, and it’s better this way. Also a suggestion: a random card from your deck emailed to you daily.

    this has a lot of potential to succeed

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