Jalup Situations Beginner — 27 Comments

  1. Wow. This is exactly what I’ve been wanting. Now I can listen and shadow these situations, and check to make sure I’ve understood them with the written Japanese. I love it!

  2. This sounds really interesting! Looking forward to trying this out, I could definitely use it.

  3. Even though I’m already past the Beginner Deck and have consumed the Jalup Stories more times that i’d like to admit I still found this useful! Thanks! :D And finally some audio lol

  4. So far I am a big fan of it. Until this came out, I had never found anything with content that I was 100% familiar with. Even though I am currently working on expert, I know that with this Jalup Situations I will be able to internalize more of the basic grammar I am still struggling with to my professor’s dismay.

    • Thanks Chase. You’ll eventually blow your professor away with your knowledge once you can output it all.

    • This isn’t really an “Anki” product, as it is a listening product. The Anki deck is more of an afterthought to the actual listening practice created through the audio files.

  5. I have had a chance to learn a few cards now, and I really love that the speaker holds nothing back. This is full native speed with all the quirks that come with it. I had to listen too いい人
    about 10 times before I could hear the same thing I was reading. This will be great for systematically filling the gaps in my comprehension.

    Looking forward to Intermediate! ;)

    • For me, the だけ in 映画だけ was difficult for me to pick up. I kept hearing it as something else, as well as as the で in あることで.

      I also find that this is great review for Jalup Beginner, as those reviews are being pushed further and further out in my review schedule. I also like getting to see the same words and grammar in different sentence formations. My reactions are like, “What?! I can do that?!” It’s fun.

    • Yes, I definitely do. I’m seeing if it is possible to fit in a Jalup Situations Beginner – Part 2 (if there is enough variety of sentences to create more unique situations), or just go directly to Jalup Situations Intermediate.

      • I think it would be a fantastic idea. You could even implement some stuff from the Intermediate Deck to make the transition to Intermediate even smoother. That way these decks can almost as ‘pre-intermediate’ bridge to the intermediate deck.

  6. Great to see stage 2 so soon. Stage 1 has really helped me. The structured Anki approach works surprisingly well for listening. Looking forward to Intermediate already!

  7. These are perfect for writing practice. Since the front of the card is blank, there is no ‘accidental’ cheating.

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