The Japanese Episodes of Westworld — 4 Comments

  1. I have been watching the show as well so was super excited to see this episode too. It’s good to hear it was hard to understand given the time period. I was mostly lost but having fun trying to parse the phrases and mostly ignore the subtitles.

    Here’s to hoping they go back to that park soon.

    • Yeah, the subtitles do get in the way and are hard to ignore :P

      With the way season 2 ended it doesn’t feel likely, but who knows, maybe the characters from Shogun World will have another role in a future season.

  2. I saw the first season and was a big fan but I haven’t seen the new season yet. I’m not sure how I’ll go about watching it since I don’t not have HBO and this time around I’m in the US and torrenting is likely monitored more closely (it being HBO). I already wanted to see it but now even more.

    • You can just get an HBO subscription through Amazon ($15), watch all the episodes within a month and then cancel your subscription. Well worth the $15 :)

      Or you can wait till the episodes are sold as a season on Amazon, like with season 1.

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