Japanese Learners – Which RPG Class do you Belong to? — 16 Comments

  1. Fun post. I think I started Japanese as a fighter class. I didn’t really know what my methodology was. I just saw the first few steps and plowed through it (kana, kanji). I enjoyed it and I really fed on the enjoyment and brute forced cards quickly. I would hit 200-300 reviews a day at my peak. It was crazy looking back.

    After Kanji I started slowly moving into Cleric and I would say I am fully there now. I am confident in my strengths and weaknesses, I know what study materials I will likely need for the next year or so. I also realize the important of pacing myself. Immersion is also a critical piece for me now. If I cram too much on anki I lose out on immersion and just hurt myself.

    • I think a lot of people tend to start as fighters, because it’s the simplest in the beginning. Some never the leave the fighter class, but others realize that it’s not where their true strengths lie.

  2. Started as Ranger, dual-classed to Cleric. Now it will be 90% Cleric, 10% ranger.

    I have a feeling that a lot of classes would dual-class with cleric, as in the end, he means stability. Something that many might not have in 1st or 2nd year of learning :)
    I would even say, that cleric is the ultimate class here :D

  3. I’d say I try to combine the strengths of most of these. Before I started studying I did a lot of research about how to study and experimented a little to see what worked for me like the ranger and thief, ultimately doing what I think is best irrespective of others opinions. Once I decided what methods I thought were best I started powering through them at a speed that really pushes myself to my limit like the warrior, I couldn’t muster the motivation to do that unless I put in the research first. I can only put so much effort into something if I am reasonably certain its a good use of my time. However, I don’t power through just one method, I chose multiple and power through all of them but I also try to keep on top of my exercise and sleep and so on and have very specific plans for my study and focus a lot on consistency like the Cleric and Mage so yeah. Maybe once I get closer to my goals I will ease up on the warrior part.

  4. Hahaha, I guess I’m a Battlemage. I’m a real grinder and tank, and tend to stick everything in Anki. But I spend a lot of time crafting Anki cards into specialised spells for the particular piece of knowledge I’m trying to obtain.

  5. Hmm. I don’t fit into any class. I only do reviews, a few a day, and sometimes I skip days. Maybe I’m just a jester?

    I’m curious, Adam, what class are you? Has it changed over your years of study?

    • I’d say your way of studying is closest to a light cleric.

      I think I started out as a Fighter, then worked towards Mage, and eventually ended up as a Ranger-Cleric.

  6. Hmmmm …… I feel like I have elements of all of them (except the cleric – lol ) which probably makes me a Rogue – It is true that I don’t really care what anyone thinks and will just find the way that works best for me and I do also prefer going solo and stay away from forums and things like that. I tend to use a mixture of methods, mix and matching how I see fit, use separation of ‘disciplines’, fall into research holes, which is how I found this website in the first place, oh and I’ve been reading through your various blog posts for about 4 hours now because it’s friday night and I don’t have to get up tomorrow XD

    very cool XD that’s so interesting, I never considered the different types of “players”

    • Welcome to the site. I’m glad it could be a source of a “falling into a research hole” binge haha :) I hope you found some useful things along the way.

  7. Definitely a cleric. It’s funny I’m this way in real life, as in any MMO I always choose the healer class. The description of cleric 100% fits with how I approach the Jalup decks. A steady pace, day after day.

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