Japanese has Made my Life — 3 Comments

  1. Questions for Brandon: What resources proved helpful in passing the N1? Also, could you compare Memrise and Anki? Or: What do you like so much about Memrise (if that comparison is hard to make)?

    • I can help with that!
      I’ve been using memrise for only a month, so I might not know eveyrthing, but I found it a lot better than Anki, provided you are マイペース kinda guy. It’s really fun and great for someone trying to learn ~5-10 cards/day, but fails miserably if you want to power level.

      Why would I recommend memrise over Anki:
      1. The interface is fun.
      2. The huge variety of decks and courses. Learning becomes like a game
      3. The learning method. It tests a vocabulary word in every way imaginable. Clozed, production, recognition, and every time you get it right, you get point (and flowers?)
      5. The community. You can make friends on memrise, and see what they are upto. It really takes away that “solo learning” aspect that is associated with Japanese.

      Why I wouldn’t recommend memrise:
      1. If you want to learn Japanese as fast as possible. It personally didn’t work for me as I found it pathetically slow. But then again, I have seen a lot of people quitting RTK again and again, and finally hitting it off with memrise.
      2. If you want to use JalUp method. It’s fast. It’s crisp. It’s simple.
      Should I use memrise?
      The best way to know is: If you can’t handle Anki, don’t waste your time with it. Use memrise.

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