Manga Quiz: Mixed — 12 Comments

  1. Nice challenge!

    When I read how it was going to work, I thought, “How am I supposed to guess the lines!” But was surprised when I was actually able to.

    Some of them I was so close, like I wrote 女 instead of 男. Just a simple not realizing the context! Ha. Even though I knew what comic it was and knew why she couldn’t swim, I still wrote 女 without thinking! Also, for Nana writing 帰 instead of 走. Of course 走 makes more sense! But it just wasn’t connecting.
    *end spoiler*

    I enjoyed it. Yay for Shojo! Interesting way to test reading!

    • I feel like I had the exact opposite experience. I saw that it was for level 20 learners and though I should be able to handle this. I didn’t get a single answer right. Hell, I was barely able to answer any of them.

      • The 20+ is the minimum level recommended to take the quiz. Not the level that a person may do well on.

        This is a hard quiz which tests reading comprehension and knowledge of Japanese as a whole.

        I want these higher level quizzes to be a challenge and to really make you think. The intent is not to discourage!

  2. Difficult…
    1. I’ve practically never read manga
    2. I’m super tired.
    Somehow just didn’t recognize many of those common phrases until seeing the answer…

    • It definitely is meant to be difficult. Not being a manga reader would make it harder. And you should always be well-rested before you attempt a Jalup quiz!

  3. Blaaaah, I got like one or two words loool

    When I saw the answer it was like a “doh” moment! (。-_-。)

    • Even one or two isn’t bad so be proud of that. This is hard.

      Those doh moments are a good sign though. That means you were very close.

  4. I had vague ideas one what was supposed to go in the blanks. Does that count for anything?
    Joking aside, it was an interesting quiz. While I hated the rote memorization and testing the school system put me through in Spanish, this was much more interesting.

    • It still counts somewhat. If you couldn’t think of the answer, but after seeing it had an “ahhh… of course” moment, then that’s something.

      I’m glad you found this more interesting than boring school quizzes!

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