Manga Quiz: Holy Land — 7 Comments

  1. Got them all correct except for the last one. I thought of the right kanji but pronouced it ‘ki’ instead of ‘gi’

  2. 簡単だと思っただけど最後2問の答えるときやっぱり百パセントが知ってません。次回に百パセント出来るかもしれない。しかしその間違いの答えは漢字がよくわかりますから本当の意味を自分で調べれました。

  3. 2/6 I guess I know what I need to work on lol. Any tips on finding good finding good material to read/ mine sentences and vocab from? I’m just about done with intermediate j-j 1000 sentences and I’m not sure where to go next.

  4. I got them all, except #4.

    There’s a typo-thing going on in #2 – in the panel it says 握手, but in your text below it says 拍手.

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