A Japanese Salaryman’s Underground Adventure — 5 Comments

  1. Hahaha this article did not end up going where I thought it would. And oh my god… crawling down the street gutter to look up women’s skirts? That’s priceless! I thought the train groping and panty vending machines were pretty shocking, but this takes the cake for sure.

  2. I see that, just like the intrepid サラリーマン, this series is not going to shy away from exploring the darkest, dirtiest depths of Japanese culture (笑).

    And I really love the, hum, demographic choice that was made concerning the selection of interviewees…

    Great writing, by the way. I actually spoiled the punchline for myself since opening this with my tablet held vertically showed the peeping diagrams straight away, but I still found myself laughing at the well crafted text.

  3. If only they were to put all this inventive and determination to good use, the Salarymen could easily take over Japan. Seriously, sliding underground and laying down for who knows how long, just to get a glimpse of some random lady’s underwear? While I do not condone peeping, I can’t help but respect this man’s willpower. I will never understand Japan’s obsession with パンチラ (maybe because I was born in a country without skirts?), but if they can have a person go to such lengths, those panties are something to be feared.

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