7 Ways the JLPT is Drastically Changing this Year — 14 Comments

  1. I was so confused and then I looked at my calendar…

    This would actually be really fun and the fact that you made it so convincing makes me want it to be real.

    • I forgot to mention that I thought this article was gonna be on how the test is likely to be postponed, but i guess it was just ideal timing of the article. They announced it about a week ago or so due to you know…everything going on. I plan on taking the n2 in July…so hopefully they don’t cancel it.

  2. Yeah you actually got me worried with last year’s April fools article, but I’m not falling for this one!

  3. You totally got me.
    I thought it was true till I got to the comments :D
    Great job Adam. As I don’t want to speak Japenese, but only consume it, the new test wouldn’t be very useful for me.

  4. I somehow ended up here from Google and this made me not want to apply to JLPT for like a month until I came back and read it was an April fool’s joke ToT

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