King of Conte 2018 – Bring on the Comedy — 9 Comments

    • Thanks for the comment Liam. Without it, when a post like this has no comments, I assume it’s because people don’t want this type of material.

      • I find them interesting. But living outside of Japan I usually file it in interesting but not useful category. It would be great and appreciated to keep some balance between what you can access inside and outside of Japan.

        • Hey ladder, I’m a little confused at what you mean. Do you mean you can’t access this type of show outside of Japan? If so, I’m sure you can find this on YouTube. I just entered the name in YouTube and found many videos at least an hour long. Actually, I just found this very episode. Perhaps I’m misunderstanding you?

            • Unless it isn’t possible for some reason it would be great if these articles included some info on where to watch and ideally links (ie tv channel 5 in japan, netflix, youtube, etc).

              It would also be nice to mention what level learner that particular show could be best for. Maybe I am just being lazy… :)

      • Saw this and I had to comment. I love the show recommendations! Especially for a “Jalup graduate,” this is one of the main things I use the site for.

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