Knowing Exactly How Much You Have To Study — 4 Comments

  1. The dilemma is so real. I’d probably have quit if you said 750 pushes and I did 750 pushes and it didn’t open and if you were vague I’d probably quit at 500 pushes saying “eh I’ve tried enough” the only reason I haven’t quit Japanese yet is because as you said, you don’t need the door wide open to get the treasure. The tiny victories recharge my motivation to keep pushing that door and it really helps that just recently I binged 15 episodes of anime in a sitting WITHOUT SUBS. That really recharged my motivation and I’ll give it an extra 200 pushes just from that haha.

    • Binging on non-subbed material is the greatest sign you are doing something right because it’s hard to binge when you are not enjoying something. Just keep pushing and you’ll get there!

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