Learn Japanese In 1 Manga Minute: One Piece — 13 Comments

  1. I like the idea. Would it be possible to write the furigana on the… break down I guess you’d call it? Sometimes the picture was to small for me to read. Cool idea though!

    • The script is actually in the description of the YouTube video, but on the next one I’ll see if I can fit it in without making the screen seem too cluttered.

  2. Great idea! Very nice combination with the audio, text, and highlighting/definitions. I hope to see more!

  3. I think this is awesome, and I would totally appreciate it if you made more! In fact, if anyone knows of any other videos along the same lines, I’d be interested to know about those as well…

    • I’ve seen a few on YouTube that take anime scenes and do a little teaching (something like “learn Japanese with anime” search should bring up something).

  4. This is really cool.

    Does the manga match the anime very closely in terms of dialogue? I was thinking of making some anki cards that used audio from the anime to match some pages from the anime.

    Was it hard to find a scene that matched up perfectly?

    • Depends on the manga, but some are word for word. Others include extra words, or leave some things out.

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