What Learning Japanese like a Video Game Looks Like — 17 Comments

  1. That would be great, huh? At least to get you through the first couple hundred hours needed to start tackling other games :)

  2. I actually use otome games to study Japanese! Hakuouki was super-hard, but Hiiro no Kakera and UtaPri aren’t so bad!

    • Sounds like a good source to me. Otome games are usually based around romance right? What made Hakuouki so hard?

      • I haven’t played it myself, but I’d guess it would be the fact the game is set in the Edo period.

  3. Actually, this video gives me an idea for a JALUP video contest: a JALUP 実況プレイ contest. I’m not sure how it would work, but people could submit a video of them talking over a game (preferably a Japanese-language one), and could be judged on creativity, sense of humor, command of the language or whatever.

    • That’s an interesting idea. Maybe to keep it in reach for most people, it can just be one scene from a game. I’ll think it over a bit.

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