Race to Fluency: Learning Japanese as a Professional Runner. — 8 Comments

  1. Great post. Being at a somewhat similar level it was really cool to see some of the same (and different) struggles. I think your advice all sounds pretty spot on. Many things have changed in my methods over my last almost 2.5 years of study now but one thing that I hold pretty sacred is zeroing out my reviews every day. It isn’t for everyone but it is cool to see how far we have both come with a similar philosophy.

    Keep at it and keep enjoying the journey, not waiting for the destination!

    • You as well laddr! I’m glad it resonated, and I think hearing that from other eople around the same level helps us all feel we’re in the right place :)

  2. As I am a runner as well (an amateur one but still), this post resonates very well within me! Since the beginning I have felt, that many of the advice and techniques applied in running (compare yourself to your previous self, not others; having short term and long term goals; …) are basically the same for learning Japanese (and I suspect achieving anything) and your post captures that spirit perfectly! :)

    I look forward to cheering for you at the Tokyo Olympics (whenever they may be)!

    • I’m really glad all parts of this resonate! It’s all about slowly progressing as well as you can, on your own! I hope your Japanese journeys and running journeys are both awesome!

  3. Thanks for the great story. Hope you can make it to the Tokyo Olympics in 2021! That would be fun if you can give an interview to the local press in Japanese when you get there.

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