Decreasing your Eye Strain will Improve your Japanese Experience — 19 Comments

  1. I love your point system on staring out the window. I tried it today, and it really does work. I just wasn’t looking at Kobe. Staring at snow everywhere on Long Island.

    • Click on the card layout button (2 to the right of the plus sign). At the bottom of “card templates” you can change the background color and in “fields” the text color.

  2. For some reason, it actually strains my eyes *more* to use your yellow-on-blue color scheme, but I have no trouble with the default black-on-white. When I do get eye strain (usually when I’m trying to study late at night or after a six-hour Minecraft marathon), I just hit the “decrease backlight” hotkey. Laptops are awesome.

    • Yeah I can barely read adshap’s color scheme. It’s interesting how different people are. Mine is black on… I guess I’d call it a greenish beige.

  3. I can’t agree more. Actually, I often select all (ctrl+A) in order to read more comfortably (because of the white text on a blue bacground). My anki deck has a black background (yellow doesn’t clash as painfully with black as with navy) and the colors yellow, red and green on the original sentence, word definitions (read: translations) and the “furiganised” sentence respectively.

    It might be due to my albinism though; my eyes do easily get strained.

    I love this site though!

  4. You guys use F.lux (google it, it’s on mac linux and windows)!! It cuts out most of the blue light emitted from your computer screen to give it a ‘warmer’ (reddy orange look). It synchronizes with the sun setting (cues to go warm) so that your brain isn’t stimulated (via blue light) in the evening! It may or may not help with your sleep pattern, but it will certainly save your eyes.

  5. Good post ! Let’s all look at the sun when we need some eye rest, millions of times further than anything else !
    Am i doing this right?

  6. There’s a couple programs that will freeze your computer every X minutes for Y seconds and make you take a break. The one I use, Workrave for windows, even walks you through stretching and eye relaxing exercises. I admit I turn it off sometimes because it’s annoying to have your work interrupted, but it’s really good for you in the long run.

    • Interesting program. I like the concept a lot and after looking it up it seems to be very popular!

  7. “f.lux is a program that changes the color balance of your monitor to be kinder on the eyes at night. Saves the feeling of staring at a lightbulb whilst late-night surfing.”

    This might be better than changing the background color of anki. Thoughts, adshap?

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