Manga Quiz: Orange — 14 Comments

  1. Gonna sit this one out because I just read it last week. It’s a great story, so check it out if you get the chance.

    Related: What happened to this month’s Recommendation Exchange?

    • It’s been hyped up a lot on BookTube (Youtubers who talk about books) but they are all 10 years younger than me and addicted to young adult (which is not my genre) so I was wondering if this was actually worth picking up. I do like reading shoujo every once in a while so maybe I’ll actually go through with it then.

    • I’ve been enjoying it so far.

      As for the recommendation exchange, I wasn’t sure what to do with the Everything Level Guide post. It became too much of a hassle to continually update, and aesthetically it looks pretty bad. I found no good solution how to fix it. So I wasn’t sure if I should continue the recommendation exchange. But I guess that could be separate from the Everything Level Guide.

      • Yeah I honestly never looked at the “Everything Level Guide”, but checked the Rec Exchange every month when it went up just to see if there was interesting stuff for me there =)

      • Maybe just make a public Google Doc sheet thay people can edit with their recommendations? Have a tab per level/star, and then just use 4 columns at the top for each medium (Drama / Anime / etc).

        With a good community that can work really well. I know my friend’s workplace does this to recommend Anime and Manga to eachother.

        • All my work as an archivist… for naught!

          Second the ‘run the recommendation exchange separate from the Everything guide until you can figure something out’ proposal.

          Like the Google Docs idea. I’ve seen it work before. Would also help with the ‘sorting by date added isn’t very efficient’ problem. If you’re worried about the quality of the Google Docs, you could always restrict entry like the Line group.

          • Yeah. And actually it would be better if there was a tab for each medium (Manga/Anime/Drama/Novels) and in each sheet have the column headers:

            Difficulty (1-5) | Name | Very short bio/genre(s)

            Could add a column for if there is furigana on the Manga tab.

          • Not for naught! It’s all there, just I haven’t updated it in a few months.

            For now I’ll bring back the Recommendation Exchange, as I figure out how I want to do the Everything Guide.

            The problem with Google Docs are the trolls. Making invite only severely limits the people that actually will participate (like the Line Chat group).

  2. 1. 手紙 (quite obvious ^^)
    2. 招待 
    3. 後
    4. 後
    5. 転校生 (I’ve learnt that word exactly 2 days ago, at least I hope it’s the correct word)
    6. 転校生
    7. 偶然 
    8. 誘う
    9. 仲良く

    I’m not sure about 3+4 and 8, but I hope it’s right :)

    • oops, I wanted to write 紹介, but somehow I thought it’s 招待 (which doesn’t make sense at all in this situation)

  3. 1.手紙
    3.10年後 (So… between that and a previous article, I guess Adam really likes time travel/slips/shenanigans)
    6.偶然 (err, you really think so? That was a LOT of specifics… Sorry, just talking to the protagonist)
    7.Not sure. I would say 誘わない, based on context, but the kanji was not obscured in the previous sentence…

  4. 1手紙 

  5. 1.手紙

    Blah, was thinking of 誘わない but changed my mind. Would not have gotten 人生初, though.

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