My Covid Year on the JET Program as a Coordinator for International Relations — 6 Comments

  1. Super interesting thanks for sharing. How about at program end? How easy is it too stay afterwards and land a real job?

    • Hey laddr,

      For me, it went pretty smooth. I was able to start working at my new job pretty soon after the program ended.

      I think it depends a lot on what you’re looking to do after the program, and how good your Japanese has gotten. If you’ve got great Japanese and some experience in your field I think your chances are fairly good!

  2. Thank you for posting about the CIR role! I’ve always wanted to apply but have confidence issues with Japanese conversations (I have the JLPT N1 so my general level is fine). I’m thinking of spending the next year working with a tutor on my speaking then applying next year. In your experience of the interview/role do you have any suggestions for the types of thing I should be targeting? Thank you!

    • Hello Mons,

      If you have N1 you should definitely try applying! They only ask for N2 equivalent ability, and you don’t actually have to have the test, I didn’t.

      For the interview I just had to read an article out loud and then talk with the interviewer about the article/general interview questions. For the job, definitely focus on 敬語 and maybe some general business Japanese. I hope a fellow Jalup user joins the program!

  3. I got accepted as an ALT for Gifu this year! I’m leaving for japan first week of January! I got my acceptance letter in July and found this blog in August. I’m level 20-ish now. I used the free trial of beginner, kanji kingdom, Wanikani, bunpro and kanshudo.
    I’m doing an Anki deck for kanji (kanjidamage) and one of the genki vocab (rainygenki)
    When I’m finished with those I’m choosing between Jalup or Bunpro. Kanshudo has some fun mini-games- but too much multiple choice, and the kanji/vocab of wanikani is the easiest thing to learn with anki. Bunpro is $30/year and lists the genki textbook page.

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