The New Wave of Japanese Live Action Movies — 6 Comments

  1. They made a JoJo movie??? How??? And it actually looks pretty good, I might have to give it a watch.

    The only manga to movie adaptation I’ve seen is Uchuu Kyoudai because, one, I love the series, and two, I am completely addicted to space movies. It was alright… really liked their choice of lead actor but the fact that they took a manga that relies on it’s length for great payoffs, and just had to chop it off pretty early in the Manga storyline without a really good ending to substitute in. Also the D-list acting from the foreign stars was pretty weird.

    I am interested in the FMA movie because that manga was basically my teenage years- I’ll have to check it out when it’s released.

    Thanks for the recommendations of Bakuman and Ore Monogatari, they both look really good.

    And as for American adaptations… I really can’t think of any good ones. From what I can find there aren’t too many either but they’re just not that good. I can’t believe a Naruto movie is in the works in Hollywood! However, there is a rumored Tiger & Bunny Hollywood adaptation and I think that has at least some chance of actually being good, considering the American feel to the original material and the fact that the two main characters are basically rehashed from Iron Man, design-wise. And I am admittedly sad that the Cowboy Bebop american movie will never exist, that could have been really good.

    • I agree with your sentiment on 宇宙兄弟. It was sort of fun to watch if you like the manga, but it was nowhere near what it deserved. There is often D-list acting from foreign stars in Japanese movies. It feels sometimes that they just take the first applicant that sent in their resume.

      I hadn’t heard about the Naruto Hollywood adaptation. They need to be careful not to overly-Americanize the strong Japanese culture of the series.

  2. I’ve seen a fair amount of anime/manga adaptations into live action, and I agree that they’re a really mixed bag. I do remember really enjoying both of the Kaiji films, Takashi Miike’s Yatterman movie, and both of the Nana films.

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