2 New Motivating J-dramas (見逃せない!日本の新ドラマ2つ) — 11 Comments

  1. I am watching the 2nd drama with Aragaki Yui in it. Her smile is so pretty and cute. Its a fun drama to watch. I will have to check out the other drama too. Seems interesting. Thanks Adam:)

  2. I am watching both Dramas and they are great. I am watching them subbed, but I am most likely going to rip the audio and listen to them over and over.

    I feel like Yui’s drama is particularly difficult to grasp relying purely on the subtitles. It seems like even though some of the language is simple, there is soooo much meaning behind the simple words the two leads speak to each other.

    • Subbbbbbbbbbbed?! Kevin! (Unless you mean Japanese subs)

      They talk to each other very fast, and in a playful manner, so it can be a little hard to follow. Though I think 地味に凄い is more difficult.

      • Lol, yeah I know. In this case it just can’t be helped. I’ll try again for no subs after these dramas are over lol.

        To be fair though, I don’t seem to be reading subs as much lately. I noticed it when I started watching a Korean drama subbed recently and I became painfully aware that I actually had to read every single line to understand anything. With Japanese subs I use them more as a reference.

  3. Hang on there! If you’re looking for a drama that provides inspiration for job seekers and food and yakuza, then clearly the top choice is 侠飯~おとこめし~! This show has everything you need for a well-balanced drama diet. Action, romance, comedy, this guy ( ), and more! You also gets tips on how to eat well on a budget, important for anyone seeking employment. It’s also a late-night drama, so you can finish it twice as fast. Plus, Namase Katsuhisa is one of my favorite Japanese people.

  4. Really good recomendations!

    The second drama is the one that plays the song “Koi” right?
    That song has become so popular in Youtube

  5. thank you so much you just made my day, I will definitely read all your posts and i hope you can make another post about motivating movies and dramas

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