Why Nobody In Japan Knows Of Baskin Robbins Despite 1000 Stores — 17 Comments

  1. 面白い!
    日本の7-Elevenの名前が吃驚した、セブン&アイ・ホールディングスって何!!? 名前の理由、意味がちょっと無くなすと思う… :P (株式会社の大分の店と本社は日本に有るですけど)

    • 確かに会社の正式名称はちょっと長いと思うけど俗にいう「セブン」は分かりやすい。

  2. My husband had a hard time believing 31 Ice Cream was Baskin Robins. I had to show him the pictures. (Yet, I’ve definitely seen Baskin Robins in Japan myself, ha.)

    So interesting!

    Likewise, I never noticed the number 31.

    • That’s so so funny…
      And just to make sure I’m getting this right, you’re implying that your husband knew of something called “31” in Japan and something called “Baskin Robbins” in the US, but just not that they were the same thing, right?

    • Haha that is pretty funny. But I agree, I think most people are completely oblivious of the 31 outside of Japan, so when I was first told that it’s called 31, it made no sense.

  3. Back in the day (in the U.S.), Baskin Robbins was special because they had so many flavors of ice cream. Now there are tons of flavors at the grocery store, but back in the day, there weren’t. My (American) mom still calls it 31 Flavors instead of Baskin Robbins. What annoyed me in Japan was that they didn’t have even close to 31 flavors – more like 10 flavors at the location I went to.

  4. on a very unrelated note. So excited for Jalup advanced! Just saw it’s 75% complete wooo!

    • It’ll be a couple months yet before I’m ready to tackle it, but definitely looking forward to it as well :)

      • it’s great you’re voicing that though, that’s a big factor in whether Adam continues to provide decks like these! The more the merrier I think.

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