Not Understanding vs Not Understanding Japanese — 4 Comments

  1. This is actually a topic I have given a lot of thought! Great to see a blog post about it, since it is something that is so easy to forget. If you try observing your daily conversations in your native language you will notice that not understanding happens all the time. In your native language you just don’t give it a lot of thought since it is so common and asking for clarification is just a natural part of conversation.

    • Yeah it’s one of those things if you stop to think about, you realize that you may be harsher on yourself in Japanese than you are in your own native language.

  2. そう言ってみれば、そうですね。やっぱり母語だと人の話を聴きながら、語彙とか文法などの事を考えないからでしょうか。たいてい母語だと耳を傾ければ自然に話が通じますけど、そうじゃないこともありますね。日本語の場合は、話がちゃんと纏まっているかどうかに加え、単語や文型を頭の中で一つ一つ結びつける癖がありますね。やっぱりもっと母語と同じく、自然にじゃないとね。

    • 日本語の場合は「考えすぎ」ってことだね。直せない癖じゃないけど中々時間がかかるもんだね。

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